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C3ITSM, LLC - manages Complexity, orders Chaos and Controls assets through Innovation = C3i.

C3ITSM brings experience, innovative methodologies and proven results to its customers. This is accomplished by the development of enterprise-wide human process optimized with technology. Our core practices deliver IT strategy, enterprise risk & compliance solutions, organizational change structure and enterprise solutions leveraging established methodologies.

C3ITSM thrives at the nexus of Communications, Knowledge / Information Management, IT Service Management, Asset Lifecycle Management, Organizational Change and Data Visualization. Our referenceable customers are from the Energy/Utility, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Global Software and PBM/Healthcare sectors.

C3iTSM identifies resource constraints and production inefficiencies to bring improvement in organizational behavior, technology enablement of business initiatives and audit compliance. Utilizing an adaptable mix of proprietary research, customer experiences, process and value chain optimization, market segmentation techniques, and new analytics / visualization tools, our planning and implementation methodology brings tangible and measurable returns. Establishing economic models, knowledge transfer through workshops and the simulation of human interactions drives these implementations. C3iTSM facilitates the consumption of IT services through request, fulfillment, performance, support, and value creation.

Internal markets are created and supported through innovations that C3iTSM has employed in numerous enterprise deployments. These internal markets consisting of IT (Supplier) and the Business (Consumer) have defined improved organizational integration and adoption. Resulting economic outcomes benefit the enterprise at all levels. C3iTSM has taken the ITIL and ITAM frameworks and aligned them with business outcomes and industry performance metrics to determine the maturity of the client organization. This allows the development of executable goals and objectives to incrementally improve the customer’s ability to adapt and innovate.

The C3ITSM approach to implementing strategy and systems is based on understanding and framing the problem, formulating the appropriate questions, attentively observing, hypothesizing, testing / retesting the solutions, and proving value. Our philosophy is based on the principal that everything is in a constant state of change and that the best results stem from recognizing the apparent and unapparent connections in equal measure. Our discipline comes from decades of real world solution development in the enterprise, small to mid-size business markets and local & state governments.

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